Temporary Staffing

Contract staffing offers a flexible and cost effective means to augment your internal staff with specialized, qualified professionals that fit into your budget. Our staffing services are available for both short and long term projects nationwide and don’t cease with the placement of a resource. Our experienced internal staff of recruiting and staffing industry professionals will work with the customer throughout the assignment to conduct performance reviews, as well as assist with disciplinary actions when needed. In addition, we provide Workforce Management Technology to help track and report progress to ensure your needs are met both on time and in budget.

By utilizing contract staffing, our clients are relieved of the requirement to pay state and federal taxes associated with the contract employee. Further savings include workers compensation and liability insurance, health insurance, and any unemployment costs if the individual is laid off or released.

From an employee perspective, a popular alternative to full-time employment is the Kaztronix contract staffing and recruiting service. Kaztronix can engage a consultant in a number of scenarios, such as W-2 employment or corporation to corporation consulting. Kaztronix consultants give your business the flexibility to tackle new initiatives, accelerate your workflow and meet project deadlines.


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