Kaztronix Vendor On-Premise (VoP)

Kaztronix Vendor On-Premise (VoP) is an on-client-site staffing solution. A Kaztronix Team Member will be assigned to report directly to your facility to manage the contract workforce. An on-premise solution helps address many of the responsibilities associated with managing contract employees once they are on the job. This type of resource becomes instrumental in ensuring that the on-boarding, management and assignment termination process flows smoothly without interrupting business operations. The Kaztronix representative becomes the contractor’s point of contact for questions related to assignment, benefits, procedures, policies, and more. Having this type of resource within an arm’s reach of both the contractor and client manager helps expedite processes, improve business critical results, and reduce costs.
Services Include:

  • Single Point of Contact for Managers and Contractors
  • On-Site Administration and Management
  • New Hire Orientation
  • New Hire Technical and Safety Training
  • On-Site Program Management




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