Do I have to pay a fee to Kaztronix if I am hired? 

No, you will not incur any fees when we find you a job.

How do I submit my resume? 

Click on the Employment tab and continue to click the “Submit Your Resume” link. Or click the “Current Openings” link and submit your resume to a specific job that is currently open.

Does Kaztronix only offer temporary employment opportunities?

No, Kaztronix also recruits for internal direct hires and client direct hires.

What types of jobs are available? 

Kaztronix specializes in scientific, technology and telecommunication positions; however, there are many other positions available.

When I work as a contractor with Kaztronix, who is my employer?

Kaztronix is your employer. 

As a contractor, am I eligible for benefits? 

Employees eligible for Health Insurance include employees working 32 hours or more a week on long-term assignments greater than 90 days  and who fall under the following job classifications:

  • Internal/Headquarters Employees
  • Kaztronix Professional Services (KPS) Consultants
  • Professional Contractors
  • Information Technology/Technical Contractors
  • Scientific/Clinical Contractors

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